BOB’s Signature LEG ROOM and BOB’s Signature - BUTT ROOM
Estimated Completion August 2018
This area will be located at the south end of the Functional Strength and Performance Room. The entrance will be right next to the TRX Wall.
For more details and Progress Please:
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The Details:
Bob’s Fitness Complex is on a continuous mission to provide you: The Ultimate Workout Facility and to be one of the best in the country.
We know the dust just settled from our last expansion and everyone is excited with all the new changes but what we are working on right now is going to blow your mind and body at the same time and also take our gym to the stratosphere and cement our gym as one of the best equipped gyms in the world. It is hard to put into words what our next project encompasses but it includes an exclusive 3000 square foot: BOB’s Signature- LEG ROOM and 1500 square foot: BOB’s Signature- BUTT ROOM. That’s right, all of our Leg Equipment in its own room and a separate private room filled with the best Butt/Glute equipment in the world! Both rooms will be utilizing our existing equipment in addition to literally tons of NEW and EXCITING equipment. The new equipment being handpicked by BOB from the world’s top manufacturers. It is going to be absolutely incredible and will be unmatched. (see list at end of post)
• BOB’s : The Ultimate Workout Facility! will explode to over 40000 square feet.
• BOB’s Signature- LEG ROOM will have over 28 pieces of Equipment from Top World Manufacturers.(not including any other area in the gym)
• BOB’s Signature- BUTT ROOM will have over 15 pieces of BUTT/Glute Equipment from Top World Manufacturers.
• New Equipment from Equipment Manufacturers like: Arsenal Strength, Prime Fitness USA, Elite FTS, Rogue, Rogers Athletic Pendulum Equipment, Hammer Strength, Pro Maxima, Legend Fitness, Dynavec Industries, Atlantis and Ivanko Barbell Company. Stay tuned for individual detail on coming equipment.
Dumbbell Area: One of the synergies that our gym will benefit with the addition of BOB’s Signature- LEG ROOM and BOB’s Signature- BUTT ROOM is that it will open up our Dumbbell Area in the Free Weight Room with more than 300% more useable space for dumbbell work, over 5000 sq ft. What this means to you is more ROOM, ROOM, ROOM! You will be able to run laps around our dumbbell area but that is not all. As you know we just brought in very rare Dumbbell Assist benches (Flat, Incline, Decline and Shoulder) in which we are only the 2nd gym in the country to have all 4 benches, we are also going to be adding more specialty dumbbell benches like a “Bent over Row Bench”, a “ Tricep Kickback Bench”, and a “Dumbbell Pullover Bench”. We also purchased a Plate loaded Tricep Kickback Machine from Arsenal Fitness and a Plate Loaded Bicep Curl from Prime Fitness with Smart Strength Technology.
Ivanko Fixed Bars: We will be adding 2 more Straight and EZ curl bar racks totaling 4 racks. We are also adding more Fixed Straight and EZ Curl Bars but in the odd numbers 15lb, 25lbs, 35lbs, etc. to complement our existing Fixed bar in 10lb increments from 10-120lbs. We will have them in 5lb intervals also so that you don’t have to make a 10lb jump but can go heavier with a 5lb jump.
Our Specialty Strength Room (Powerlifting): will also benefit from the project. All non-essential Powerlifting equipment will be removed so that you will have more room. We will be adding an additional Deadlifting Station so that we will have two in the room. We also are buying an Elite FTS Competition Combo Rack for all you competitors out there so you can train on the equipment you will compete on. We are also buying Rogue Fitness Calibrated Competition Kilogram Powerlifting Plates and rack. These weights will be locked and a key can be checked out at the front desk. That way we can take care of them and have them available to you for years to come. We purchased DC Lifting Blocks for training. We are honored that there will also be handmade, autographed sitting benches by South High School Students under the guidance of their teacher and Powerlifting Coach Bryan Busteed
We also purchased another type of monolift. This monolift will be attached to our Rogue Infinity Rack in our Functional Strength and Performance Room. Other things that have been ordered: over 5000 lbs of Ivanko Free Weights to fill up all the new machines, Rogue Arm Blaster, Rogue KG Calibrated Plates, Rogue Racks, 2 Rogue Deadlift Stations, 5 Mini Deadlift Jacks, soft plyoboxes, Bootybuilder, Gluteator, Atlantis dumbbell assist benches, Legend Fitness Pin Select Reverse Hyper, Rogers Pendulum Power Squat, Seated Squat, and Reverse Glute ham; Arsenal Power Squat, Pin Select Side Lateral Raise, Hack Squat, Tricep Kick Back Plate loaded, Bi Lateral Leg Press, Alpha Dumbbell Pull Over Bench, Alpha Row/Kick Back Benches; Elite FTS Competition Combo Rack; Hampton Barbell Racks; Ivanko Fixed and EZ Barbell 15lb-115lb; Prime Fitness Leg Extension, Pin Select Side lateral, Arm Curl with Smart Strength Technology; Life Fitness Insignia Glute machine; Hammerstrength Hack Squat and Super Horizontal Calf Raise, New BOB's Fitness Complex Exterior Sign, HD TV and Programming and More to come.
My personal invitation to you : If you are a member, former member, guest, owner of another gym, Fitness Enthusiast, or just follow us on social media, when we are done with this construction project be sure to stop down and check us out. It will be like something you have never seen before.