Important Official Announcement: We are very excited to announce that we are expanding BOB’s Fitness Center. Our already expansive facility will grow by almost 50% in size. You may have already heard the construction from behind our existing walls in our free weight room. We hope to have the construction done by December 2013. Tell all of your family and friends.

We are adding:
1.   One of the largest Functional Strength and Performance Training facilities anywhere with an open floor policy available 24/7 for people that want to do a Functional Strength and Performance Training workouts.
2.   One of the best equipped Specialty Strength Facility anywhere
3.   30 yards of ECORE Artificial Turf for sprinting, agility work, sled work,   etc.
4.   A dedicated Rope Climbing and Ring Area

In each of these FOUR areas we will provide the very best equipment for each of these new facilities. Our Functional Strength and Performance Training Facility will include a Rogue Infinity Rigging system including various pull-up bars, dip bars, wall targets, landmine, J Hooks, Kids pull up bars, safety spotting arms, etc. Other equipment includes 15 ft. High rope climbing and suspended rings, slam balls, high speed jump ropes, weighted medicine balls, Prowler sleds, Westside Pull Sleds, Rogue Banger and Banger box track, Plyometric Boxes, 2 additional sets of competition Kettle bells and various quantities of certain poundage’s for classes, additional rubber coated dumbbells, battle ropes, AB mats, Concept 2 Rowers, Schwinn Air Dyne Bikes, Glute Ham Developers, tactical sandbags, iron woody bands, workout of the day boards, Hero Workout boards, Tire flipping, the Juggernaut Tire machine, bear crawl handles, peg board climbers, and Triton Wheelbarrow Prowlers, No Limits Programmable Timers, chalk bowls, and much more. We will also provide weight specific Ball Bearing Lifting Bars for women and men with Color Codes Rubber Bumper Plates, horizontal plate holders, bar holders which will create up to 20 individual Lifting stations.

In our Specialty Strength & PerFormance Facility: You will find a totally separate area of our Fitness Complex that is equipped for anyone that wants to train with the very best training and competition equipment. Equipment includes: Westside Barbell: Supreme Reverse Hyper, Inverse Curl, Pro Hip and Quad, Belt Squat, Plyo Swing, and the Glute Ham Developer. From Elite FTS we are going to have Signature Competition Benches with band pegs and the Signature Deluxe Monolift. From Legend Fitness we are going to have Pro Series Full Cage Rack including upper and lower band pegs, docking system, Technique Trays, Inverse and Over Sized Monster Hooks, Multi Position Chin up Bar, Safety Spotter Arms, Landmine Attachments, Swivel Grip Handles, and Dip Attachments. Also included will be Pedestal Chalk Bowls, Adjustable Squat Seats, wrap rollers and Adjustable Utility Benches. We are going to have Rogue Deadlifting Platforms with band pegs attachments. In addition we will have a dedicated Olympic Lifting Station with Platform, Olympic Bars, Color Coded bumper Weight Plates, Pulling Blocks, and Jerk Blocks.

We are also going to provide Strong Man training equipment including: log press bars, Atlas Stones, Yoke bars, Westside pulling sleds, and Captain Crush Grip Set. Also we are expanding our existing dumbbell selection up from 150lb sets to 200lb sets.

With the addition of these New Facilities we feel that we need to somewhat change the name of our Business. Instead of BOB’s Fitness Center: “Your Neighborhood Gym” , we feel that BOB’s Fitness Complex: “ The Ultimate Workout Facility!” is more accurate and appropriate. In the near future we will be transitioning to our new name. We feel that adding these additional facilities to our already expansive selection of equipment, facilities and programs that BOB’s Fitness Complex will stand alone in the market.

I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to provide our members the very best that is within our means. Thank you for all of your support and being a part of our family over the last 17 years of being together.