Our Services and Ammenities

The Ultimate Workout Facility!

Baby Sitting Service
We offer High Performance Beds for a great tan.  Featuring Mega Sun 32 Bulb 20 minute beds. In addition we have a wide variety of accelerators and lotions. We offer tanning from a single session to One Year Unlimited. We have 24/7 tanning available. Contact the Front Desk for Pricing and specials​​.
Our daycare is available for children 6 months to 10 years old. Our daycare staff is CPR/First aid certified and fun. Our daycare is convenient, clean, and low priced. For convenience to our members we have morning and night hours. For parents that like keeping an eye on things our  Daycare features a camera that can be seen live from the cardio theater. Hours are: Mon- Fri 10am-1pm, Mon-Thurs 4:30pm-8pm, Friday 4:30pm-7pm and Saturday 10am-1pm. Contact the Front Desk for package options and current pricing. ​​
Extreme Blendz Juice Bar
The juice bar features over 64 combinations of shakes. We have muscle building blendz, weight gainers, fat burning blendz, energy shooters, and much more. At our juice bar you can purchase single scoops of pre-workout and protein. We also have daily specials. Our shakes use fresh natural ingredients to give you the best nutritional contents. This a convenient way to help you start your workout and  reward yourself and help with recovery with giving our customers a convenient way to get their nutrient requirements.  Best of all the shakes taste great!
Personal Training
A BOB's personal fitness trainer guides you through your workouts offering tips and feedback so you get the best results for your effort. BOB's personal trainers are great educators and motivators who can help take you to higher fitness levels. As a guest or a member you are entitled to 1 FREE basic personal orientation session to help you get started working toward your fitness goals while getting comfortable with our facility. We also offer packages ranging from 1-20 sessions.
Free Weights
We offer a dry sauna with easy to use temapture controls on the outside. Regardless if you want to warm up or just relax our sauna is available to our members 24/7. The sauna is great for before and after workouts. 

Our massive free weight area has over 300 pieces. The free weight area Ivanko Plates and also has over 120 dumbbells that go up to 200lbs, 35+ straight and Ez curl bars, over 7 bench press stations, 37+ machines with over 30 attachments, chains, over 30 benches and over 10 specialty bars. We feature commerical manufacturers like Ivanko,  Hammer Strength, Legend Fitness,  Arsenal,  Prime, Atlantis, Rogue , Westside Barbell, Cybex, Bodymasters and Flex.

We have over 100 pieces of cardio equipment located in 3 different area throughout the facility. We have everything from treadmills, bikes, rowers, step mills , ellipticals and more. Each piece has a MYE entertainment system and over 8 tvs for your entertainment and 3 music selections for your listening pleasure. You will never wait for equipment . We offer equipment from Top Commercial manufacturers like StairMaster, Precor, Life Fitness, and Life Fitness. 
Functional Strength and Performace Room: CrossFit Training
Our Functional strength and performance area is 9000 square feet. This area includes 25 yards of field turf, over 100 kettlebells, medicine/slam balls, Olympic lifting stations and a Rogue infinity rig with over 30 attachments. As well as a TRX station. There are also Rogue Dumbells from 20-110lbs, Rogue Yoke, Rogue slead, Rogue Glute Ham developers, Assault fitness bikes and treadmills, Concept 2 rowers and ski machines, every type of bar, Rogue boxes and 2 olympic lifting platforms featuring Pendlay Olympic lifting equipment: specialty bearing bars, weights, jacks, stations, stands, in its own semi private area of the room. 

Private Cardio Theater
BOB's 30 Minute Fit Express
Our private cardio theater has over 8 pieces of cardio equipment. With dim lights and big screen TVs. it sets a theater mood for a more private workout. This room also features MYE appAudio, which alows you to listen to the tvs wireless with your smartphone. Members can use the remote to watch the programming desired. 
Our 30 minute fit express area has over 8 Epic machines. This workout is designed to give you a full body workout in just 30 minutes. With easy to follow instructions and  rotation that is timed using a red and green light seen at the center of the area.  This area is restricted to only members doing the Fit Express Workout to maximize results and minimize interuptions.
BOB's Signature AB room 
BOB's Boxing and Stretching Area
BOB's signature AB room has over 15 plate loaded and selectorized pieces of AB equipment. Having all of the equipment in one area saves you time and energy to get the perfect workout. 
Our Boxing and Stretching room has 4 specialty heavy bags including a Ringside heavy bag, Title 70lb angle heavy bag and the title body snatcher. We also have 4 cleto Reyes, Title speed bags and 3 cleto Reyes double end bags. The room also inclued 3 stretching machines and a special sports wood ultra flooring that absords 70% impact. 
BOB's Ropes & Rings
BOB's Strongman Area
Our Ropes & rings area has regular ropes, knotted ropes, rings, wall ball targets, and a peg board. We also have mats as well so anyone can try it and feel safe. 
The strongman area features atlas stones, 52" and 48" platforms. We also have a Rogue Yoke, Rogue Farmers Walk Handles, sandbags, Rogue Strongman Logs, XD 80lb soft atlas stone and much more. 
BOB's Signature Leg Room 
BOB's Signature Butt Room 
Our BOB's Signature Leg Room will blow your mind and body.  It features over 25 plate loaded machines. This room is a perfect mix of classic and modern machines. We have brands such as Rogers, Atlantis, Cybex, legend, Arsenal, Hammer Strength, Bodymaster, Prime and Nebula. We have 3 squat racks. Two deadlifting platforms featuring Rogue Ohio bars. We have multiple selections for leg presses, hack squats, leg extentions, over calve machines, and much more. This one of a kind room also features the Rogers Pendulum seated squat pro and power squat pro. This equipment in our Leg Room is in addition to all the other leg equipment we have in our Specialty Strength Room, Funcitional Strength Room, and Selectorized area.  Regardless of your goal we can help you be your best by using the best equipment.  By having a very large equipment selection will allow you to always change up your workout to keep your mind fresh and motivated and your body continuously making improvements toward your individual goal.
Our One of a kind Butt room has over 15 pieces of glute equipment. This room combines plate loaded and selectorized equipment. We have brands such as Hammer Strength, Legend Fitness, Flex, hoist, and many more. We have exclusive machines like the Booty Builder and the Gluteator. This room is strategically placed for members to feel comfortable doing glute workouts. It seems now a days everyone is concerned about their back side. Regardless if you are trying to look good in your clothes or have strength in your hips as when you age, BOB's has you covered with the very best equipment and area to help you achieve your individualized goals. 
BOB's Specialty Strength Room 
Free WIFI and charging stations
BOB's Specialty Strength and Performance room features competition benches and combo racks, an Elite FTS Mono lift, and deadlifting platforms. This room is perfect for competitors or for anyone that wants to workout on equipment that is used by professionals. This room also features Rogue Calibrated Kilogram Competition Plates.
We offer free WIFI to all the members and guest throughout the Entire facility. Our WIFI is professional grade hospitality service. We also have over five phone charging stations throught the facility. 
Full Locker Rooms 
Open 24/7
Our locker rooms are clean and have large private showers, individual sinks with staging areas, hair dryers, Hand dryers and bodywash/ shampoo. We have small, medium and large lockers available for daily use. They can also be rented for long term use.
We are open 24/7 for registered key fob members. This includes Holidays and bad weather, the facility will always be open to registered key fob members. We do have staffed hours for non key fob members; Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm. Friday 10am-7pm. Saturday 10am-2pm. Sunday no staff hours.​
Secure Facility
Sports Performance
Our facility conducts 24 hour video surveillance. We have over 50 video surveillance cameras. Throughout the facility, we have Panic alarms and Emergency phones that will quickly connect you to the police and emergency crews. We also have Lanyard panic devices that are available upon entry that can be worn throughout the facility.​
If you want to get better at your sport, our facility can help you be your very best from a beginner to a professional. In addition to the equipment that is located in all the different areas of our gym we offer Specialty Equipment from Westside Barbell:  Plyoswing, Reverse Hyper, Inverse Leg Curl, Anterior Chain Developer and Belt squat.  We are Official Hammer Strength Facility where we offer almost all the Hammer Strength equipment line including the Jammer and Plate Loaded Combo Twist and many more.​